What people are saying…


“I will recommend this book to all my students… It is outstanding for its content and detailed thoroughness.”
– Almita Vamos, Prof. of Violin, Northwestern University (Evanston IL, USA)


“It is a joy and inspiration… The recordings are beautifully played, the explanations helpful, and the layout and binding turn Kreutzer into a pleasurable experience. Thank you!”
– Mimi Zweig, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University (Bloomington, IN, USA)


“This deluxe edition of Kreutzer’s Etudes is magnificent. The combination of outstanding performances, excellent study guide, insightful comments, and user-friendly design makes it one of the most useful and needed works of its kind. I will gladly recommend this to my students and fellow colleagues.”
– Mark Zinger, Professor of Violin, De Paul University, Chicago


“This stunning volume . . . is indispensable to every violinist, whether performer, teacher or student . . .”
– Mary Nemet, Stringendo (Apr. 2007), Journal of the Australian Strings Association – austa.asn.au


“This fresh edition of the Kreutzer studies provides a thorough, creative and engaging approach to one of the cornerstones of string-playing pedagogy. [The] introduction . . . gives a clear and thoughtful outline of the fundamental aspects of playing that the studies explore, as well as emphasising the importance of approaching them in a musical way and encouraging active problem-solving on the part of the pupil . . . [It includes] a detailed chart, which is useful in pinpointing the various aspects of playing that can be the focus of each study. The book’s spacious layout addresses a frequent problem of older editions by providing the teacher with ample room to write explanatory notes and additional or alternative exercises. A useful resource for students . . . and this edition is excellent for teachers.”
– Nathaniel Vallois, The Strad (Oct. 2007)


“Quite literally your team’s production is a gem and a work of art. For your group to have had the vision to have taken such a historical cornerstone of specialized musical importance as Kreutzer’s variations and created such a stunning piece of work out of it is a real accomplishment. It is first class in every way >>> from the beautiful and solid quality of the open binding to the artistic graphics, to the encyclopedia-like detail with which everything is outlined, it is truly is a work of art in every sense of the word, not only is there nothing like it in the music world or the world of print in general but this type of product is rare in any sphere.”
– Tom Fox, Customer